Total control of Progressive Cavity Pumps (BCP) and Electric Submersible Pumps (BCS)



Starting system with voltages ranging from 380 to 3600 V
Direct Start-up or through a frequency inverter
Monitoring and instantaneous data-storage
24 hour performance monitoring of equipment
Fully-automated system with programmable restart for each event
Torque Control and Intelligent Monitoring
Control and additional monitoring of pressure, temperature, flow and vibration
Anti-Backspin protection system
Instant View of Events

Export records to display as graphics

Export data via a pen drive
Record of process variables
Record of voltage between phases, phase current and events
Record of alarms
Overvoltage, under voltage, Voltage imbalance between phases, Overcurrent, Undercurrent, Current Imbalance between phases alarms,
Backspin-Panel with special features for installation in the weather.
IP55 Protection Level


Control via cellular, radio control, Ethernet, Internet, data upgrade via USB (Pen Drive)